Monday, November 29, 2010

Questions, students never get tired of asking.

Teaching is a profession where you need to have patience larger and bigger than anything. At times you feel guilty that, you are the one who is not teaching well enough. My guilt was gone later on, when I asked the other teachers about the students repetitive habit of asking questions or instructions again and again. especially when you are giving an assessment the list of interrupting questions get even more silly that you feel  like banging your head on the wall.
I thought I am teaching Juniros thats why it happens. I was surprised when my mom, who teaches senior classes, told me that how silly questions the grade nine or ten students can ask, like this one;
"Mam, can I use the back side of the page as my front side of the page is finished," and I thought this only happens in my class. there are few more in my class;
"Should we leave a line or not a leave a line," as a rule I ask them to leave a line in their work everyday. In assessment I allow them not to do that but anyways, each and every child has to ask the same question.
Simple instruction like, 'Write the answer directly in your copy,' welcomes still few more questions, "Miss, can we only write the answer?"
"You mean to say we dont have to write the questions?"
"So, we only have to answer the questions.... directly?"
and so on, each time I have to repeat the same instruction in other words, for that you have to be very patient, oh well after five times its ok to yell out, I suppose.
Here there are more;
"May I use colour pencil to underline the answer in a blank?" If I say yes as they are allowed to do that though its not compulsory, still every time they will ask and then to counter that few students will ask, "Miss, I dont have the colour pencil, May I do without it?"
The list of such questions is longer and believe me these kids dont get tired of it.


Peerless said...

Hmm you reminded me of the best days of my life, when i was a teacher. I think usually student use these tactics to irritate the teacher, but thanks God I never confronted such situation. I think teachers should divide their lecture in two halves, first only a lecture than the discussion and Q/A, this helps the teacher concentrte on the topic.

Lubna Shahab said...

Yes, I agree I do that but now days children are too depended on teacher, they avid reading instructions and especially when its written assessment then they do ask anyways as a rule of their own :)

kash said...

yea students...leave them..even adults never get tired of asking silly stuff!!!