Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cakes, cookies and coffee.

For some winters are here when they touch their nose and its cold, for some when they see snow covering the ground its winters, but for me the smell of strong coffee and urge to eat freshly baked warm cookies from the oven means winters are here.

As the cold starts the natural pull towards the comfort food gets greater and in dreams or fully awake you wish to eat morsel of the sweet delight. If you are keeping check on your weight then its a torture to resist the temptation of cake and cookies. However, to satisfy that sweet tooth sinfully indulging in this delightfull treat is not a crime. A good scientific reason that you burn more calories to keep yourself warm in winters is a good excuse to keep that nagging feeling of, "Oh, you are going to gain weight' safely behind the bars.

Once a chocolate lover said, 'Why God has made good things fattening?' very interesting question indeed the counter question could be, 'Why a person likes to eat things which are fattening or unhealthy?' and there are many similar questions. The guilt of eating such food takes half the enjoyment away. So, I think one should not be bothered by such questions instead one should savour the moment when eating such fine sweet treats.

I especially enjoy baking and then eating what I made, for that I always look for books of baking and survey the websites. Not only that utensils and gadget needed are often added in my collection to master this art. When you sift, mix blend and fold the batter and finally it sits in the oven the anticipation is great for the outcome. The appetizing warm aroma of the baked cake and cookies gives satisfaction and finally when its ready, cut a piece and eat it and enjoy it when it melts in the mouth and spread its delightfull totally engrossing flavour. A sip of strong coffee to wash it down is enough to bring that satisfied smile on your face.


«•┬║pInT[oO]┬║•»™ said...

Thumbs up sis !

Lubna Shahab said...

Thanks brother :) you feel the same brother :P

Peerless said...

hmmm cakes, cookies and coffee in december's cold would be very delicious indeed.