Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a White Lady Bird!

In the daily drudgery of life there are few moments which draws yout out of your dull, dreary routine. It makes you contemplate something so ordinary which later becomes a part of your happy recollection.
Few days back we had the Sports Day in our school. Under the sizzling heat and dry winds we have to practise for the upcoming event. In such a weather, making children practise for their race was tiersome and bothersome. All the students were exhausted and drained out of energy as they are so pampered that one practise of March Pass was too much a exercise for them. Though they were sitting on a mat but their lolling heads and fatiuge on their faces was enough to foretell that it will be hard to give them instructions as the dazed mind collects nothing.
Amidst of this all there was a sudden short wave of excitment among some boys in my class. They were looking at something and were on each other to observe the thing which fancied them. I checked them and asked what is so interesting. One said, "Miss it's a White Lady Bird,"
I said, "It's just a bug sit down now,"
He looked at me and full with excitment told me again, "It's a White Lady Bird!"
with him other also peeked at that bug and so the whispers circulated full of excitment and amazment, "Its a White Lady Bird!" then there was some movement as they made way for the royal lady bird. One said "Its coming near me," then I think out of curiousty he touched it.
"Ouch! it bit me," the one who touched shouted, with that the bug was not so interesting any more. everyone settled back and an instant forgot about their White Lady Bird. It happened for few moments but was very amusing. It changed my mood for better and I wondered that how small a thing could matter and can make an effect which last longer and stays with you for life.


Darashikoh said...

I liked it!!!

I would like to see your book very soon Lubna:)

Good luck!


Lubna Shahab said...
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